Longarm Machine Quilting Services

Longarm quilting your quilt begins with a consultation. We will measure your quilt and discuss how you would like your quilt to be quilted. I offer the following types of services:

Edge to Edge (pantograph) quilting

This type of quilting is done in interlocking rows from one edge of the quilt to the other and from top to bottom regardless of the piecing of the quilt top. It gives a nice overall texture to the quilt. This type of quilting is often best used on quilts with "busy" fabrics and/or piecing where separate block and border designs would not show. It is also a lower cost option for completing your quilt.

Price: $0.02 per square inch

Custom Quilting

This type of quilting has separate block and border designs, stitch in the ditch or outline quilting as appropriate to enhance your pieced or appliqued quilt.

Price: $0.04 per square inch

Other Charges

Thread: There is a charge for thread, which is usually $3-$10, depending on amount and number of thread colors needed.

Sales Tax: PA residents will be charged 6% sales tax.

Minimum Charge

Minimum charge for Custom quilting is $50.00.